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Embark on a challenging surfing camp to push your limits and try a new sport and take your holidaying experience to the next level. PaddyWay Surf Camp provide the high quality surfing lessons to help you take your surfing skills to the next level with experienced guides in the best surfing spots in Arugam Bay. Whether you have no experience in surfing or you like to pick up your lessons from where you left the last time, our surfing camp has comprehensive programs to help you sharpen your surfing skills.

From hourly surfing lessons to 14-day surfing camps we have an array of programs to fit your expectations, availability, travel plans and your skills. Located in the number one surfing spots in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay, the camp will take you to the best surfing grounds to fit your skills while ensuring the right challenge for you. Being one of the top surfing schools in Arugam Bay, we’ve trained many surfers from around the world delivering fun and enjoyable times and educational surfing lessons.

Working with experienced local surfers who has years of experience in the industry, we guarantee you the best knowledge with comprehensive lessons and proven teaching methods so you can be the surfer you want to be when you leave the country.

With theory and practice lessons our instructors always pays attention to each and every one of our students keeping a close eye on them to make sure they are picking up the tricks right. Learn surfing, connect with like-minded people and create unforgettable holidaying memories in Arugam Bay. We’ll make you a pro at surfing in no time guiding you with the right instructions to help you improve your surfing skills. We also offer tailor-made private surfing lessons to offer one-on-one surfing sessions to provide you with the best lessons to fit skills.

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