Paddyway Academy

Started with the noble vision to help the youth of the area improve their knowledge and skills, Paddyway Academy is an innovative educational institute in Sri Lanka that operates with a mission to change lives. With the aim to bring the knowledge and the expertise that is concentrated in the urban areas to far corners of the island, our commitment is to give students and the youth of rural areas new knowledge and skills of the new world.

Working with experts in a diversity of industries we have a wide range of programs for school children who are trying to succeed in their academics and the youth who are trying to achieve their career goals. From guidance, consultation, classes, training, workshops to seminars and so much more, the academy brings the best experts on the island and the latest knowledge of the world to rural villages.

Whether you need help understanding your best options in the workforce, guidance taking your career to the next level or need assistance understanding the academic path to follow to achieve your career dreams and goal, Paddy Way Academy can help you.

We work hard to provide equal opportunities for the youth of rural areas have access to new information, knowledge and skills just as the youth in Colombo -Thereby opening new doors for them, cultivating demanding skills and competencies of the modern world so they could improve their chances to increase their value in the job market. With the belief that education is the only way for success for the youth of rural areas, we aim to equip them with useful skills and knowledge that has a high demand in the world and expand their opportunities and horizons to support themselves and their families

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